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Because Adobe Photoshop CS2 license activation server no longer available, this software maker launches version of the Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows 10 comes with Installation and activation code.

Photoshop CS2 Windows 10 software brings a new level of power, precision and control to the digital photography experience and to the overall creative process. Photoshop CS2 integrates a new set of intuitive tools, including an enhanced Spot Healing Brush, for handling common photographic problems such as blemishes, red-eye, noise, blurring and lens distortion.

The Power to Create the Extraordinary

  • Adobe Bridge— The next-generation File Browser for Photoshop CS2.
  • Vanishing Point— Groundbreaking ability to clone, paint and transform in the perspective of your images.
  • Image Warp— Warp any object, with customizable presets and adjustable control points.
  • Noise Reduction— Advanced correction of noise created in high-ISO shooting, plus JPEG artifact reduction.
  • 32-bit HDR— Create and edit 32-bit, High Dynamic Range images, for the widest range and richest detail.
  • Spot Healing Brush— Fast, efficient one-click retouching of dust, scratches and other image flaws.
  • One-Click Red Eye Correction— Instantly eradicate this common photo flaw.
  • Optical Lens Correction— Correct common lens issues like barrel and pincushion distortion.
  • Animation— Easily create animated Web graphics directly in Photoshop CS2.
  • Smart Sharpen— Intelligently counteract common photo blurring with advanced control.
  • Shadow/Highlight— Simple discrete adjustment of shadows and highlights, now also for CMYK images.
  • Enhanced 16-bit Editing— Additional filters, such as Liquify, are now available for use in 16-bit images.
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Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows 10 Install instruction

After sucessful download, open Photoshop cs2.exe, click Next.

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Adobe photoshop cs2 - Choose Extraction path
Adobe photoshop cs2 – Choose Extraction path

Wait for the decompression process to finish

Photoshop cs2 windows 10 - Extracting files
Photoshop cs2 windows 10 – Extracting files

Click Next as below.

Photoshop cs2 adobe - Download and install
Photoshop cs2 adobe – Download and install

Click Accept

Photoshop cs2 free download
Photoshop cs2 free download

Enter information

Photoshop cs2 - Installation key
Photoshop cs2 – Installation key

Then Next

Photoshop cs2 free
Photoshop cs2 free
Adobe cs2 - Choose install location
Adobe cs2 – Choose install location

Click Next to continue

Photoshop cs2 free cs2
Photoshop cs2 free cs2

Click Install

Photoshop cs2 - Install
Photoshop cs2 – Install

Please wait for the Photoshop CS2 Windows 10 installation process to complete

Adobe photoshop cs2 - Free
Adobe photoshop cs2 – Free

Uncheck Show the readme file then click Finish

Adobe photoshop cs2 - Complete installation
Adobe photoshop cs2 – Complete installation

Go to Start => All programs, find the shortcut Adobe Photoshop CS2, right click on => Send to Desktop to use

In the first use, Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows 10 will ask you to register, you select and fill as shown and then Next

Adobe photoshop cs2 - Finish
Adobe photoshop cs2 – Finish

The successful registration process will display the message board, click OK

So the installation process is complete, wish you success – Technsolution.com


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