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Nowaday, converting PDF to Word in Google Docs is just one of the ways to do so, however, this is only for those who want to optimize the text and avoid having a font error when converting from a PDF file to Word.

If you’ve ever had to convert PDF to Word by using special software such as Free PDF to Word Converter or using some other online conversion methods. Now with Google Docs, you’ve got a better tool to transfer PDF to Word offline.

Here are some guidelines for converting PDFs to Word in Google Docs, Technsolution hopes you will have a little tip for converting without the fonts errors.


Step 1: Sign in to your Google Drive account, then find the PDF document you want to create and edit.

Or if you do not have a PDF document, just drag and drop PDF documents from the desktop into the browser window to upload to Google Drive.

Step 2: Right- Click to “PDF” in Google Drive or right-click to PDF that you have just uploaded, then click Open with -> Google Docs.

PDF files will be opened in PDF format and can be edited. Note that files still have the ending “.pdf” but Google Docs has a way of displaying the icon of other PDFs.

Step 3: Click “File-> Download as…-> Microsoft Word (.docx)”

Name the PDF file and select the PDF file storage directory. Click Save to save.

Users can also convert image files in the same way as PDFs.

Note that the image will be displayed as text in the Word file. PDF conversion results will not be as good as regular PDFs. You can save PDF files as Word via Google Docs on your computer for further editing.

Google Docs is a document-entry tool that creates Google forms in Google’s office suite. It also bundles Google Drive to store documents. To find documents faster on Google Drive, this tool also supports the Google Drive search bar for you to find documents instantly.

You need to download the document to Google Docs first. Alternatively, you can download the document to Google Docs first and then transfer the data from Google Docs to Google Drive.

Once you’ve downloaded the document to Google Driver and edited the document, you can easily transfer data from Google Docs to Google Drive easily thanks to the link between the cloud storage engine and this Google text editor. .


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