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Create new hotmail account free or hotmail sign up free help people more easy when they use email. Hotmail was founded in 1996 by Sabir Bhatia and Jack Smith. Later, Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft. This is a free email service supplied by Microsoft. with 15 GB of free online storage onedrive.

Create new hotmail account for free step by step

Hotmail is free email, except there are some advertisement, the only cost you have to pay is your Internet cost. There are no costs associated with Hotmail, unless you want premium Hotmail account without commercials.

You can create new hotmail account free for free, Microsoft is one of the major email service provider that provide Hotmail services.  Everyone over 13 can create a free Hotmail account.

First thing first Go to hotmail sign up page

Once you have launched your web browser, visit the Microsoft sign up page entered here or enter the following in your browser’s address bar: signup.live.com then click enter.

Create a unique Username

In the “Username” field, type your desired email address or click “Get a new email address” to re-enter a username that is not already being used by another person. Once you have successfully created a unique username, a drop-down list will appear to the right of the username field, select @hotmail.com or @outlook.com from the list of items.

Hotmail sign up - Username
Hotmail sign up – Username

Provide your email password

You will be required to provide a password for your email. You will need to enter this trice for verification purposes. If you chose to get a new email, whatever you type in this field will become the password for your new account.

Provide your personal Information

Next is to enter your personal information in the fields provided; your name, birthdate, and gender.

Create new hotmail account - Personal Information
Create new hotmail account – Personal Information

You are required to select your “Country/ Region” from the field provided and choose from the list of countries. Next, enter your postal code information in the respective field.

Protect your information

You will need to enter your country code, your phone number (in the case you have lost or forgotten your password), an alternate email address and you are also required to complete the CAPTCHA (determines if you are a human or a machine)

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Create new hotmail account - Verify
Create new hotmail account – Verify

Final steps Create new hotmail account

Once you have successfully completed the above-mentioned steps, proceed to Agree to Microsoft’s Terms of Servicing and Privacy Policy by checking the box at the bottom of the page and then click on the “Create account” button


After completing the registration procedure, you will be directed to the welcome page indicating that your account has been successfully created.

Hotmail sign up old method

Below is the interface of create hotmail.com account free, Hotmail.com has not contaminated mailbox with very little publicity compared to other free email providers.

In the upper left corner where you will find 9 small box, when you click, you’ll see ten different services that can be accessed for free hotmail sign in hotmail.

The first icon is outlook.com which is like Hotmail.com, another one is people that you can access your Hotmail contacts. The third one is Hotmail calendar where you can manage the events and meetings. The fourth icon is Onedrive that is an online driver where you can keep your documents in the cloud and it is accessible from any device with a Hotmail account. Word online, Excel online, PowerPoint online, OneNote online, sway and Office online are the other  parts of Microsoft Office, they can be accessed with Hotmail email.

When you hotmail sign up free, under outlook.com symbol is a search button, where you can find anything on your Hotmail. You can search a phrase in your email, sender name and email or you can search by attachments.

And under the search box are the folder lists. You can divide your emails into different folders.

In the center of the page, there is a  plus sign (+), with New, if you you click on, you will be redirected to another page that you can create or change email. On the left, you will find an option “To”, where you must enter in the recipient ‘s address. Add a topic in which you need to enter your subject.

In the body of the message, you can write a message, or drag and drop any files. You can adjust the font, font size, and underline.You can change the formatting of text and insert emotions as your request. You can send it immediately or save it as a draft to send it later, or delete it.

At the top right, there is the Skype sign, you can sign in to Skype for free with your Hotmail account. And you will have Skype side by side with your Hotmai inbox.You can call or chat with friends from your inbox.

Next to the Skype icon, you wil see Hotmail setting. By clicking on it, you will have different options for your Hotmail account.

Account color and the reading pane can be changed, in manage rule, you can create different rules for incoming mail. If you would like to delete specific emails from particular contacts,  define a rule for them and all their mail is deleted as soon as they arrive.

In manage categories, you can manage,  delete or modify categories. In option, you will have lots of options related to Hotmail email.

In help section, you will be directed to support pages, where you will find various issues related to Hotmail.com and solutions.

Clicking on the return option, you can spend your feedback to Microsoft about problems or suggestions regarding Hotmail.com.

And next to the setting, it is your name and photo.

When you click it, you can edit your Hotmail profile. You can change your account setting there, and there is option to sign out from Hotmail account.

Congratulation you have been create new hotmail account free successfully, thanks for reading my article, I hope it useful for you!


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