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Every day, we find interesting videos that our friends or other users post on Facebook, and if you are interested in any video, here’s how to download facebook videos.
Facebook video download use extension FBDown Video Downloader.

How to install and use FBDown Video Downloader:

Step 1: Download and install FBDown Video Downloader at the link below:

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Step 2: Click + Add to Chrome.

Facebook video download
Facebook video download

Step 3: After installation, find the Facebook video you want to download, then click on the icon of the extension. Choose the quality of download SD or HD, (recommend to choose HD to optimize the video quality). Click Download.

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facebook video download select quality
facebook video download select quality

Step 4: Click Download your video to download video.

Facebook download video Finish step
Facebook download video Finish step

I have downloaded and tested the video quality. It’s truly amazing with the results this extension brings. Video downloaded is very sharp, Let’s experience and give more comments.


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