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The authorization of AT&T network for customers in free unlocking devices helps Lock Iphone users can apply different SIMs from various home networks more easily without facing troubles as usual. Below are the ways to unlock:

First is Attention:

  • This way is only activate for American Lock Iphone with AT&T home network version
  • You need to make sure to have IMEI CLEAN in your phone

How do you know whether your phone has IMEI CLEAN or not?

Step 1: Access the link AT&T IMEI online checker – check status of ATT cell phone free. Then insert IMEI information in your device for testing

Step 2: On the result, focus on “Status” line:

  • If there are words “IMEI is CLEAN” or “CLEAN”, your phone can be unlocked freely
  • If there are other words appear like the picture below, unfortunately, you cannot unlock by this way.
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Device cannot be unlocked
Device has IMEI CLEAN
Device has IMEI CLEAN

After testing and checking that your IMEI can unlock, you are able to access the link (if the access is denied, you can use VPN to enter): https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/request/#/unlockstep1

At the line: Are you an AT&T wireless customer? You choose NO, and fulfill your information then click NEXT.


Next, all your individual information such as surname, first name, mobile phone number, email address must be entered. After that, choose SUBMIT.

Note: Mobile phone number here must be the number of AT&T network with 10 single numbers, you can insert any number sequence.

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After successfully submit, AT&T will send you an email to verify the unlock, you click the link at the word “here” to confirm.

Finally, you have to wait 2 days for the result of Unlocking. If the answer is denying to Unlock, do not lose the hope. Keep requesting the home network to unlock because there have been so many successful cases after continuous requests.

Here are the ways to Unlock AT&T Iphone, you can follow these. If there are any problems happen, please do not hesitate to leave your comment below for reference.


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