Instagram sign up
Instagram sign up
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Instagram sign up – How to register Instagram account on your computer is now simple and fast. We do not need to download the BlueStacks emulator to create an Instagram account on your computer. Just go to Instagram sign up page, then fill in required Instagram account information to complete.

In the past, you had to download Instagram and install it on your phone to share images and videos. However, with the growing number of Instagram social network users, the manufacturer has added Instagram web version. Thanks to it, we can sign up Instagram account on your computer, and use Instagram right on computer like posting photos on Instagram. The following article will guide you step by step How to Instagram sign up account on your computer

Table of Contents

Instagram sign up Step by Step

Step 1: Click the link below to access Instagram’s home page.

Step 2: Enter the required information

Instagram sign up
Instagram sign up

Right at the first interface will be the necessary information panel to sign up Instagram account. We can register Instagram account by email address or phone number. Enter the required information and then click Sign up below.

Step 3: Finished Instagram sign up

So we have finished Instagram sign up on the computer. Now go to the email address used to register Instagram to confirm the account.

Instagram sign up - Confirm email
Instagram sign up – Confirm email

In the Instagram email content, click on Confirm your email address to verify.

Step 4: Instagram home page

When we click on confirm button we will be sent to Instagram interface with the message to successfully confirm Instagram registered email. At the same time, the user can click on Edit Profile Page to add information to the Instagram account. Or, click Change your password to use the new password for your Instagram account.

Step 5: Edit profile

In the Edit Profile Page interface, users can change Avatar, Name, Username, add another Personal Page like Facebook, change email address.

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Instagram edit profile
Instagram edit profile

Especially, we can add a phone number to proceed with Instagram 2-layer security. This will increase the security of your account, avoid being hacked Instagram account.

Step 6: Find Instagrammers to Follow

To find the account you want to follow on Instagram, we click on the Instagram icon to return to the home page. Because your account is newly created, Instagram will suggest you some famous Instagram user for following.

Instagram sign up - Find Instagrammers to Follow
Instagram sign up – Find Instagrammers to Follow

Or we can enter Instagram account name in the Search box at the top. The list based on search name will appear below.

Step 7: Follow

In the Instagram account interface you want to follow, just click the Follow button to follow that Instagram account.

Here is a detailed article about how to register Instagram account on your computer. We can use an email address or phone number to create an Instagram account. The registration process is extremely simple and you only need to confirm the registration information is complete.

Wish you success!


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