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In Outlook.com, you can use the keyboard shortcuts you are most familiar with from the email service you’re used to working in: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook.com. This article provides a reference for supported shortcuts for these services.

The keyboard shortcuts described in this article refer to the U.S. keyboard layout. The layout of the keys on other keyboards may not correspond exactly to the keys on a U.S. keyboard.

Mail keyboard shortcuts – List pane

Action Outlook.com Gmail Yahoo
Select next message Ctrl+. or Down or Down Ctrl+. or Down
Select previous message Ctrl+, or Up or Up Ctrl+, or Up
Refresh (reload the current folder) or F9
Open mail (in a reading pane) or Enter O
Reply to selected (or currently opened) message R R R
Reply All to selected (or currently opened) message Shft+R then A A A
Forward selected (or currently opened) message Shft+F F F
Delete email Del # Del
Archive email E E
Mark email as junk J !
Open “Categorizes” drop down menu C L
Mark email as read Q Shift+I K
Mark email as unread U Shift+U Shift+U
Undo last action Crtl+Z Crtl+Z Crtl+Z
Close an email and return to list view Esc U Esc
Expand item parts Right Arrow Right Arrow Right Arrow
Collapse item parts Left Arrow Left Arrow Left Arrow
Inbox then I then I M
Drafts then D then D
Sent Items then S then S
People then P then C
Search / / S
Open “Move to” drop down menu V V D
Create new folder Shift+E Ctrl+Shift+E

Mail keyboard shortcuts – Reading pane (when different from above)

Action Outlook.com Gmail Yahoo
Undo last action Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z
Close an email and return to list view Esc U Esc
Expand item parts X X X
Collapse item parts X X X
Open next message Ctrl+. J Ctrl+.
Open previous message Ctrl+. k Ctrl+.


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