How to Pin Conversations in Messages for Mac

How to Pin Conversations in Messages for Mac

pin conversations messages mac finding it difficult to make sure you read every text message you receive? Well if you’re an avid Messages user then you might want to think about pinning some of your conversations at the top of your list. When one does this, that person and their specific messages will be displayed first before anything else. It’s a great way to ensure those high priority individuals are quickly dealt with so that more time can then be spent on other people who require attention too.

Too many messages can quickly become overwhelming and make it difficult to stay organized. One way to alleviate this is by tapping “Sort by Time” and selecting the “Pinned” option, which highlights all of your most recent messages so you can quickly get back on top of things should you accidentally tap others and get sidetracked.

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How to Pin People / Conversations in Messages for Mac

In order to experience macOS Big Sur, you’ll need to ensure you are running macOS Sierra or later.

  1. Out of some extra space on your computer, you might want to consider getting rid of the Messages application on your Mac. It is a rarely used program that takes away open spaces which in turn allows roots to develop. Messages
  2. Go to your messages list and find the thread you want to pin. Now, right-click or Control-click on the thread and choose “Pin” from the context menu that shows upPin
  3. This can be done by navigating to the top or bottom of your conversations list, then choosing “Pin” for when you need a specific thread at hand.
  4. If you want to unpin a pinned conversation, right click or Control-click on it and then choose “Unpin” in the menu that opens

It’s easy to pin and unpin conversations in iMessage on Mac, right?

On your Android, you can pin chats so that they are on top of the list! By default, the pinned chats appear as a chat head. This is a circle that contains details about the person you have pinned. For example, if it’s a public channel like #marketing or #support, it will contain the number of people in this group and how far away they are from you in miles.

Good news, everyone: from now on you can use all the messages one wishes to keep track of as pinned threads. Even better than having to scroll through your entire list when opening the Messages app, because it allows you to view only the conversations that are most important to you ().

Similarly, if you own an iPad/iPadOS device, you may also be interested in learning how to pin conversations in Messages for the iPhone & iPad.

No matter what device you use, there are limits on how many threads you can pin. For example, a maximum of nine pinned threads is possible at any given moment.

Now get pinning! Give the new pinned messages feature a whirl and tell us how it feels to you. Do you think that, in actuality, this is a feature you will ever use? What are your personal thoughts on the way they went about implementing this and do you think you will use it often? Let us know your opinions by commenting below!