How to Set Chrome as Default Web Browser on Mac?

How to Set Chrome as Default Web Browser on Mac?

set chrome default web browser mac  if you’re not too keen on using Safari on Mac devices but prefer to use Google Chrome as your Web browser, you can set this up to be the default browser by going into Apple’s System Preferences – which is how Mac devices customize the way the device works and how the device interacts with files –> then choose “Default apps” which is where you can manually specify what your defaults will be like when a certain application or function is called upon. After that, Google Chrome will become your default.

Chrome is Google’s super-fast web browser available for both Mac and Windows computers. Chrome uses the V8 JavaScript engine (which is also found in Google’s popular Gmail application) and puts emphasis on a clean minimalist design, its objective being to offer more speed, efficiency and simplicity than other browsers.

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How to Make Chrome the Default Web Browser for Mac

To make Google Chrome or “Chrome Canary” your default browser, you can do this:

  1. Pull down the  Apple menu and choose “System Preferences”
  2. Go to “General”
  3. Look for “Default Web Browser” and choose ‘Google Chrome’ or ‘Google Chrome Canary’ as the default web browser you’d like to usDefault Web Browser
  4. Close System Preferences

Now, when you click a link from a Chrome (or Canary) browser it will open directly in Chrome rather than Safari as before.

The Web Browser tool is a built-in utility accessible in the Apple Menu, which allows you to access any web browser on Mac and apply them as your default web browser. to be the default

By using Google Chrome’s incognito mode, you can ensure that your preferred content is always placed at the top of your browsing list.

If you need to, you can always undo the change and make Safari your default Mac browser again. To do that, simply bring up the System Preferences window and make Safari the default Mac browser again.