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When you receive an email message, you can respond to it by choosing one of these actions: Reply or Reply All, or Forward it to others.

  1. With the email open in the reading pane, choose the down arrow next to Reply all, and then choose Reply, Reply all, or Forward.

Notes: If you’re forwarding an email, enter names in the To and Cc boxes, as applicable.

  1. If the original email contains an attachment, Reply and Reply all won’t include the attachment. If you choose Forward, the original message and any attachments will be included.
  2. Type your response, and then choose Send.

Tips about using reply, reply all, and forward

  • Reply and Reply all
    When you reply to a message, the title will be changed to RE: added to the subject line. The original message is added below the new message.

    Reply indicator

    Attachments to the original message aren’t included when replying.

    • Forward
      When you forward a message, the prefix FW: is added to the subject line to alert the recipient they’re receiving a forwarded message. The original message is included in the forwarded message, along with any attachments to the original message. You can edit the text of a forwarded message or add and remove any attachments before you send.
    • When replying to or forwarding an email message, you can change the subject line of the message. Simply delete the existing subject line, and type the new one.


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