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Skype sign up is a basic and first step to use Skype chat software for making video calls with your friends, relatives and friends in the workplace. If you are new and do not know how to Create Skype account, please read the article below.

Now Skype is assumed as the best software for chatting, making phone calls on PCs and laptops since there are a lot of users signing up for Skype and using them. With Skype you can send data, Direct email files, send Email directly on the interface of the program …

Nowaday, users are able to use Skype web-based Firefox, Google Chrome …. with full features like using the software. Skype for Web gives you the simplicity of using without program installation.

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How to create new Skype account

You can download the latest version of Skype on Windows: Download Skype.

Skype classic download
Skype classic download


Step 1: Open the main Skype interface, click Create an account.

Skype sign up - Create an account
Skype sign up – Create an account

Step 2: Here, Skype offers users two ways to sign up for Skype including using a personal phone number and a personal email account.

Here, Technsolution.com uses Skype registration using personal email account. Please click on Use your email instead to switch to the Skype registration by email.

Skype sign up - Use your email to sign up
Skype sign up – Use your email to sign up

You should use your Hotmail account to sync your account and data more easily. Of course you can create a Skype account by phone number and only apply for a single number.

Enter the email address and password in the box. Click Next to continue.

Skype sign up - Skype email and password
Skype sign up – Skype email and password

Step 3: Enter your Skype name and click Next. Here you are close to the successful Skype sign up.

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Step 4: You will need to do basic installation tasks such as setting up a mic, camera, Skype account avatar before starting Skype chat. Complete the operation, just press Continues to move on to the next step.

Select your avatar using the camera image or use the image available from your computer by clicking Browse

Press Use picture to set as Skype avatar after successful Skype sign up. Click Start using Skype to access Skype.

Step 5: Then all the procedures to register Skype and create Skype account are successfully completed, you can easily make friends and join Skype chat groups.

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