Take a screenshot on LG V30
Take a screenshot on LG V30
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Take a screenshot on LG V30 to save the unique moment on screen is the need of anyone, and if you are curious readers about how to perform the procedure, this article below Technsolution.com will give you a few simple and easy ways to take screenshots on LG V30.

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Taking a screenshot of the phone is almost an indispensable feature on all Android devices and for the LG V30 is no exception. You may even be able to take a screenshot of your phone with a hard key, but the hard keys on each device are designed differently, leading to the fact that many users do not know how to take screen shots. And in this article, 9mobi please share with you how to take a screenshot on LG V30 – the latest high-end model of LG today if you own and learn about this feature.


Option 1: Screenshot on LG V30 phone with physical key

Step 1: On the usage interface, you move to the application or screen you want to capture.

Screenshot on LG phone
Screenshot on LG phone

Step 2: Now press the Power + Volume Down key for a few seconds. If you do the right thing, you will see a screen animation along with the familiar sound each time the picture is taken, meaning that the screenshot has been captured successfully.

Step 3: The screenshots will be stored in the Gallery app> Screenshots. You can also quickly share, edit or delete your latest screenshot from the status notification bar.

Option 2: LG V30 screen capture with Floating Bar

Step 1: To do screen capture this way, you first need to define the content you want to capture

LG screenshot
LG screenshot

Step 2: Click the Floating Bar to display the full icon. Select the screenshot icon you will see four different types of shutter buttons. These options allow you to capture the entire screen, a small portion, a scrolling screen and an animated GIF image. Touch any of them to take a screenshot of it.

Option 3: Screenshot LG v30 with Google Assistant

Step 1: Define the content you want to capture

Step 2: Press the Home button or say Ok, Google to launch Google Assistant

Step 3: Say Take a screenshot and Google Assistant will capture whatever is displayed on your screen. Then you will be able to instantly share your screenshot.

Here are three ways to take a screenshot on LG V30 phone that Technsolution.com wants to share with you to save yourself a picture of unique moments. Besides, like other Android devices, in addition to using the features that the device is equipped with, you can use the third application to add screen capture options to the device. It includes the Ultimate Screenshot, Android Ultimate Screenshot, which supports most Android devices to capture Android device screens as well as share images or features of phones and tablets that does not require you to root the machine



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