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Getting the tricks using Google Docs will help you work quickly. Here are some tips from Techsolution for using Google Docs, such as shortcuts, drag-and-drop, shortcut creation, restoration of old versions of text, and quick translation which definitely support you to work with Google Docs more efficiently.

If you’re used to using Microsoft Office for creating documents, you’ll be happier now when Google has officially launched Google Docs, an online editor with a lot of cool features. You do not have to spend a lot of time to get familiar with it. Here are some tips to make you be master Google Docs.

Short cut in GOOGLE DOCS

Google Docs gives users a lot of keyboard shortcuts to perform text manipulations. In particular, these Google Docs shortcuts are independent of browser so users can easily manipulate without affecting the browser you are using. Here are some common keyboard shortcuts you should know:

Ctrl + Alt + C: Copy the selected text (like Ctrl + C in Microsoft Word).

Ctrl + Alt + V: Paste the text you copied (like Ctrl + V in Microsoft Word).

Ctrl +: Delete all the formats of the selected text (remove bold, underline, italic, color …).

Tab and Shift + Tab: The Tab key pushes the selected text 0.5 inches far from the margins, while the Shift + Tab key is opposite.

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Ctrl + Shift + C: Counts the number of words of the text you are selecting.

Google doc Keyboard shortcuts
Google doc Keyboard shortcuts

Uploading TEXT ON GOOGLE DOCS by drop-drag

The Google Docs drag-and-drop feature makes it easy up files onto Google Doc. Users who want to add new files like * .doc, * .docx, * .xls … to their Google Docs account just need drag and drop from windows explorer into browser, instantly. Text will be uploaded instantly and you can edit on Google Docs. This way to upload files to Google Doc can be considered as tips to help file upload faster.


Previously, to create new google doc, users often have to do several steps, such as opening a new tab in the browser, accessing the home page of the Google Docs service, then press CREATE. . But now, you can now shorten these actions by including https://docs.google.com/document/create in your browser bookmarks.

Or you can create Google Docs shortcuts right on your desktop for instant access. To make Google Docs shortcuts is very simple. First, right-click on the desktop and select New Shortcut.

New google doc short cut
New google doc short cut

Then enter https://docs.google.com/document/create in the popup window. Next, give any name to the shortcut that you are about to create, such as “Create Google Docs“. Finally, click Finish.

Now you can see your Desktop has a new shortcut with the icon of the default web browser. From now on, you only need enable this shortcut to create new Google Docs, however, the browser must be logged in Google account, otherwise you need to login before using.

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Recover Google docs data

Google Docs allows users to restore the text to an older state more easily with the history storage system of the file.

It is also very simple to recover the data on Google. Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + G to open the list of recoverable statuses of the previous file.

Google doc Revision
Google doc Revision

Google Docs is belong to Google Drive, and the data recovery is usded by many users because many important files are accidentally deleted in working. Data recovery tips on Google Drive are also very simple. If interested, you can go to Technsolution for reference.

Users can use google docs to translate easily

With this translation feature, users can translate text among multiple languages in the text editor interface. All you need to do is go to Tools, select Translate Docs, specify the target language to translate and and name for the new file. Immediately, the screen will display the new text as the content after translation of the original text.

Google docs Translate
Google docs Translate

Here are some tips to make using Google Docs more effectively!


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